Be A Benefactor: The Campaign for the New Enfield Public Library

by Lara Maville
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Enfield Public Library Mailer

I have always loved going to the library. From wanting to renew an audio copy of Peter and The Wolf (on an LP) over and over again, to looking at the picture books, to researching a report, to studying for a big test. Some of my best design ideas came to life in the library. Of course, nowadays you can sit at home and do all your research right in the comfort of your dining room, living room, home office, or where ever else you can get wifi. But libraries offer much more than just books. There's the quiet (most of the time); the lack of distraction from sitting at home where laundry needs to be done and dogs need to be walked; the comfy chair next to a coffee table to with a nice stack of books to go through. And, of course, there's the books! Lots of books, old books, new books, audio books, magazines. So many books, so little time.