Teresa Duane, Marketing Studio Manager, Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth

Thanks for all of your dedicated work the past several months. I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers in my career, and your dedication and reliability make you stand out in the crowd.

Anna DeBattiste, owner, New England Crane School

Lara Maville has been designing all of New England Crane School's promotional materials since 2010, including flyers, postcards, our website and magazine ads.  She also helps us with some of our operational needs, such as certification cards and our e-commerce portal.  Her work is always top quality and she is exceptionally responsive to our needs, even when they fall outside the usual scope of her services.  We have gotten calls from other training companies asking us who designed our website.

Tom Jellison, Owner, TM Jellison Construction

Lara completely redesigned the TM Jellison website from the ground up. In a matter of a couple days, we had a slick and professional website at a fraction of the cost of other consultants. I couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend her services.

Dolores C. Struckhoff, Executive Director, Enfield Shaker Museum

I just want to say, “outstanding” to the mailing you just sent out for the Campaign for the New Enfield Public Library. You can count on me to be a supporter. It is truly one of the nicest pieces for a fundraising project I have seen. The piece really shows that you have put a lot of thought and organization into this project. Makes me proud to be a resident of Enfield.

The Friends of Mascoma Foundation Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors was very excited to see this design and it has been enthusiastically adopted on our website, Facebook page, t-shirts, buttons, letterhead, thank-you cards, and a vinyl banner. We have received many compliments on the logo from people of all ages. Our recent mailing for the Take a Seat and sponsorship campaigns has been met with a lot of positive feedback and praise. Based on the feedback we are receiving the community finds the logo to be professional and engaging.

Corb Moister, Jr., Upper Valley Housing Coalition

We have worked with Lara Maville since we went out on our own in 2010. Lara has designed our logo for us. She assisted in the creation of a marketing flier and she was extremely helpful in converting our website to a more user friendly format that we could make certain updates to. In addition Lara helped us redesign our website and she was extremely helpful last year when our website was hacked. Her knowledge and experience along with her creative flair are very valuable to us. Most importantly Lara is a pleasure to work with and always quick to respond when we need help with something. I highly recommend Lara to anyone looking for assistance with their web design and or promotional pieces.

Anthony Mento, SMP Architecture

I wanted to share our thought on the absolutely gorgeous invitation we received. Lara’s design is without question the finest concept we have ever seen. Respectful, informative and hopefully successful. As you can imagine we have seen a lot of various requests, but none like this. Bravo!