In with the New: Lara Maville Design gets a Website Upgrade

Life is full of upgrades. My phone needs an upgrade. My printer needs an upgrade, which means my Mac also needs an upgrade to be compatible with the printer upgrade. Well, my website needed an upgrade, too and I’m pleased to announce that is one upgrade I can cross off the list.

One reason I needed to upgrade my website was to make it mobile-friendly. A website that is not mobile-friendly according to Google standards will lose ranking in the Google search engine on a hand-held device. (A test is available here to check if a website is mobile-friendly. 

Another reason I needed to upgrade my website needed was to make it responsive, which goes along with being mobile-friendly. A website is responsive when it resizes itself according to the screen size it’s being viewed on.

Finally, I wanted to rethink the layout and the presentation of my work. I wanted to create a more professional user experience and design. My first website was done hurriedly, and I didn’t spend the time on it that I should have. It was like my soccer-mom car: it served a purpose but wasn’t really a showpiece. A website is a storefront, and it needs to be a model of what clients can expect, so I finally took the time to do the website right.

Website design and development is constantly evolving and I do my best to keep up with the latest upgrades, practices and technologies. I hope to give my clients a well-designed website with all of the functionality they need for their business. 

Now maybe it’s time for an upgrade of a different sort. How about that soccer-mom car?