Responsive Website Designer

“Responsive Website Design” is one of the more recent terms of the trade in website design. While it is important to have a responsive website, it's also important to have a responsive website designer. As in, a designer who is responsive to the client's needs. That's where I come in.

A responsive website will resize itself according to the screen it is being viewed with. These days a website needs to work on a 27" “ginormous” iMac screen as well as on a 4" smartphone screen. 

Well, I also “resize” myself according to the needs of my clients. I work nights, weekends, and whenever there is a website emergency (yes, that is a thing) to make sure that my clients know that I will respond to their needs. 

With so many designers out there to chose from, it's important to have something that sets you apart from the crowd. My customer service sets me apart. I make sure I return emails, answer questions, suggest solutions, draw up quotes, and create web and print design as if my job depended on it. Because it does. 

I was in the restaurant industry for a few years, and that experience provided some valuable insight that I often remind myself of. When people walk into a restaurant they want to be greeted, taken care of, listened to, attended to. It is the exact same thing with any customer or client, in any situation, and I try to remember that.

Maybe your business needs a new website, or your existing website needs a touch-up. Maybe it's not even a website, you might want a brochure, or a new logo, or any number of marketing materials. Whatever your project is, I will be responsive to your timing, budget, and aesthetic needs. My responsiveness makes the difference.